Capital Raising

Growth can be an interesting thing for a business. Conversely, the need for additional capital for seasonal business or investment to expand production, purchase additional equipment can be a confusing process. When faced with the need for more capital, the thought of giving up ownership or taking on additional debt seems difficult. Enterprises often have two options: either to raise additional equity or to borrow capital from outside. Capital raising can involve many different people or organizations and take on many forms, such as debt vs. equity, family and friends, banks and traditional lenders, financial markets, investment companies, and funds. In an environment where there is an abundance of capital available, it is important to identify the right partner, beyond simply raising a particular amount of money. With such complexity and uncertainty in every aspect, Azumi Vietnam accompanies the business throughout the process to ensure that the enterprise gets the best deal possible.

As corporate finance consultants, we specialize in helping enterprises develop plans to raise growth capital and connect capital sources effectively to secure appropriate resources for growth. Not merely advise to connect, Azumi Vietnam will work with enterprises to review and analyze cash flow, financial structure to identify issues to be improved. The fact that we continue to advise clients post-transaction.

Azumi Vietnam capital raising consulting service covers a broad range of transactions including:

  • Capital structure consulting: Loans and equity.
  • Financial organization & mechanism consulting.

Consulting on capital planning and capital mobilization solutions on financial markets according to business characteristics:

  • We provide a full range of capital solutions for investors and companies, especially SMEs.
  • We not only advise on the capital structure with financial products but also support to the development of Strategy and Orientation for Fundraising.
  • Forms of capital mobilization consulting: Issuing stocks, issuing bonds, convertible bonds, borrowing financial institutions,…
  • Appraisal project funding.
  • Make acquisition or refinancing company debts.

Azumi Vietnam provides a team of experts experienced in dealing with all financial services. We provide the attention it takes to tailors our efforts to enterprises, specific needs.