Partners & Clients

Azumi is a Vietnamese company providing investment banking and advisory services focused exclusively on the emerging market of Vietnam. With offices in Hanoi, the Company consists of a team of seasoned professionals with diversified expertise and decades of experience in managing businesses in Vietnam, Japan, and globally.

Over a short period, the Company has grown steadily and extended its expertise and success to meet the needs of clients across a variety of sectors, including provincial governments, commercial and investment banks, investment management companies, real estate, insurance, and securities brokerage firms, consumer product, energy, and information and communication technology companies.

Azumi is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and investors in helping them achieve lasting value. Because our professionals possess a unique combination of contacts, deep industry expertise, extensive experience in business management both in Vietnam and the United States, we are distinctively qualified to advise our clients on the strategic challenges and opportunities they face and on implementing the best global practices in their businesses.

Azumi advises its clients on the following areas:

  • Strategic capital planning 
  • Merger and acquisition 
  • Private placement 
  • Business development 
  • Government relations 
  • Stakeholder engagement plans 
  • Corporate responsibility projects 
  • Marketing plans 
  • Public outreach 
  • Project Investment 
  • Corporate investments